Author: Dwi2

I’m Looking Ahead to a Great Future with My Husband

As a small town girl, I certainly did not see myself as someone who would have the opportunity to move to another country. I was thinking about this last week when I was looking at condominium information at online. My husband told me that he would let me choose our next home, and it just didn’t seem real to me yet! I told him that it probably wouldn’t feel real to me until we found our next home and got settled in. My life has changed so much in the past few years.

I worked in a small boutique for about 5 years. The town that I lived in was a sleepy little place where very few exciting things happen. One day, my future husband walked into the store during one of my shifts. He mentioned that he needed to find a birthday gift for his mom, and I showed him a number of different things in the shop that he might like. I couldn’t help but notice how handsome he was. He was wearing a business suit, and he mentioned that he was just passing through on a business trip.

My Pups and I Moved to a New Apartment

When my sister came back to live with us at my folks’ house, I had no idea that it was going to mean that I would be moving out. It was completely by choice, and I felt it was a necessary one too. I have two small dogs who mean the world to me. She has been around them a few times before, but not for long periods of time. When I found out she was allergic, I ended up looking at some South Charlotte apartments for rent because there was no way I was going to get rid of my dogs. They are like children to me!

My parents wanted to try and work something out, but I knew that she needed their help a lot more than I did.

Moving Closer to My Work

My folks own several coffee cafes. While they will never reach Starbucks status, I do believe they are more popular in our region than what Starbucks is. When they decided to open a new one right off I-75 in Brandon, they asked me if I would run it. I was thrilled that they asked me, and I commuted for the first few months. However, I knew that it was going to be in my best interest if I looked at Brandon apartments and moved a lot closer to where the coffee cafe is.

It was not bad at first, but then I had to start going in more often. I hated getting home and then having to turn back around and make the 30 minute drive just an hour or so later. I knew that was just the nature of the beast, and I had a few options. I could either hire someone to take care of the problems that would pop up, or I could move closer.

The Perfect Place to Start Our Next Chapter

It used to be easy looking for an apartment because I only had myself to consider. Ever since giving birth to the most fabulous kid ever nearly a dozen years ago, my entire life has changed. I no longer just randomly pick out a place to live when I have to move. I am super careful now, making sure that the place I pick is the best choice for my child now. When I accepted a teaching position at a school close to D.C., I searched for luxury apartments for rent in Manassas Park VA on my computer.

I wanted to find a two bedroom apartment that would be close to my job, but I also needed it to be in a good school district for her too. Her education is very important to both of us, as hard as that might be to believe. She has goals already at such a young age, which is why I wanted her to be in a great school district.

I Am Moving in with Janet

In fact this is a rather easy decision when you think about it, although I am not so sure that Janet and I are really ready for it. She had a roommate before, at her apartments in Northlake GA. The location is really pretty good for me, especially given how terrible the traffic makes my life right now. It is Atlanta obviously, every road in the country comes through here and most of them turn into big long parking lots at two periods of every day. That is always when I am on them. I could pretty much ride a bike to work and back if I moved in with her. We are going to move her stuff down the hall to a single bedroom unit and then when the two of us split the cost that is going to be a pretty good deal for both of us.

My Girlfriend is Going to Italy

I was dating this girl for a couple of months before I ever figured out that she had money. In fact I was a little bit sore when I did figure it out. Like any other girl she seems to think that it is my job to pay for every little thing when we go out on a date. I would think the same way since we both know that she has what I want. At any rate her grandfather owns a resort in Florida now, his retirement business. He is paying for a luxury rentals for Tuscany for her summer break and she is teasing me about whether or not I get to go along with her on the trip. Of course I sort of worry about it and wonder how many of these crazy people they have in Italy.

A Healing Place in My Apartment

My husband came home from work about a month ago and told me he wanted a divorce. He explained that he was just unhappy, and that he deserved better. I knew we had been having problems, but I never realized until that moment just how selfish he was. I told him to get his clothes and go to a motel for a few days. As soon as he left, and after a very long and good cry, I started looking at apartments in Mission Viejo. I knew that I would not be happy staying at the home we had bought nearly eight years ago.

I was angry, but I was still logical when I started looking at apartments.

My Outdoor Loving Brother Enjoys the Comforts of His Modern Apartment in Colton

My brother writes for a living. He is a solitary kind of guy. He is still young and is not into the club scene. He is more of a nature buff. He will take his camera and backpack and get out into wilderness areas for a couple of days at a time with just the stuff he is carrying to support him. He is super fit, and he is a friendly guy. Not a recluse or weirdo you might associate with his outdoor abilities. He was looking for apartments in Colton when he found the perfect place. He likes having the fitness facility and the pool. He also likes it that they are a pet-friendly place that allows his ultra-trained dog named Bella. She is trained in search and rescue and protection.

You would not know it to meet Bella as she just seems like a friendly dog that loves everyone. However, on command she can hunt you down by following a scent trail to rescue you if you are lost, or she can take you down on command if you attacked my brother. Bella is about 90 pounds of muscle and smarter than any dog I have ever met.

I Just Got Back from Vacation

I was having a really great time when it happened, there were about two dozen of us staying at this apartments for rent in Oceanside on a huge lake. We rented a bunch of jet skis and some of us had boats too. We were doing a lot of skiing and I had set out to learn how to ride a wakeboard. Several of my friends have them and a couple are rather good at it, at least relative to me. I really thought that I was getting better at it, but I was probably not ready for what I tried to do.

Having a Nice Clean Place to Live is Fundamental

Where you live should be like a sanctuary or retreat. It should be a place you can go to in order to get away from crazy work stuff as well as crazy relative stuff. Just make sure your boss and relatives who live nearby don’t have a key! Seriously though, your home should be the one place that is a joy to return to. It doesn’t have to be fancy or have a bunch of cool things, but it can help. This is why my wife and I picked the Regency apartments to move to. They do have some really cool stuff there, and the apartments themselves are really nice.

Some of you can appreciate what I am about to write. A few years ago when we first got married and were getting our first apartment, my wife and I almost settled for an old stinky place that had walls in the kitchen that actually had an oily feel to them. Someone really liked fried foods, and the whole place smelled like old onion rings and just a touch of BO. We thought we could clean the place up.