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Verizon Teams Up With Lineage Power Corporation For Energy Efficient Gadget

The technologies will allow wireless operators, communication carriers, internet service providers and large enterprises to turn electricity from commercial alternating current (A.C.) to direct current (D.C.). Customized rectifiers and software which will boost efficiency of the A.C./D.C. adaptation process to up to 97 percent, thereby saving electricity and cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Energy savings can […]

Steps In Creating A Corporation

Incorporation involves detailed processes and is required to comply with different state and federal laws. That is why it is recommended that you hire a corporate law attorney to help you in starting a corporation. The process of incorporation and corporate law goes hand in hand in bringing corporations into being. Under corporate law, attorneys […]

Professional Corporations – Shareholder Limitations

The professional corporation is an entity classification used in many states for professional services. Classic examples include medical, legal and accounting practices. Professional corporations usually come with serious restrictions and the individuals who can be shareholders is often one of them. Any article on professional corporations necessarily involves a lot of hedging with verbiage such […]