4 Reasons to Hire a New York Estate Lawyer

It’s never easy to lose a loved one. After a family member passes away, survivors are left to work through various processes while grieving. Even if the decedent had a will, there’s still work to do. This is where a new york estate lawyer comes in. Although it’s possible to honor a loved one’s wishes without legal counsel, there are numerous reasons to hire an attorney, and some of these are listed below.

Contested Wills

If there’s a chance that the decedent’s will may be contested, it’s important to hire an estate lawyer as soon as possible. Once the controversy starts, court battles and petty squabbles can quickly drain an estate of its assets. Attorneys can help parties settle disputes and negotiate more effectively.

Managing Debt

State laws detail how creditors will be notified of a person’s debt, as well as the order in which they’re paid. If an estate’s assets are insufficient to cover the debt, or if there are multiple creditors, hiring a lawyer can provide significant relief and reassurance.

Large Estates and Unusual Assets

When an estate is oversized, there are more steps to take even if there’s a clear will in place. Business assets are hard to handle correctly, particularly if there are other stakeholders in the company. Similarly, rights to things such as intellectual property and priceless items should be handled by lawyers who focus on unique cases.

Questions About a Loved One’s Will

Most things listed here are aimed at executors or household heads that manage an estate after someone passes away. However, sometimes a person outside the circle is interested in an estate—such as a child, business partner or former spouse. In situations where someone has a reason to challenge a will, it’s necessary to hire an attorney.

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be enormously difficult, particularly when questions arise as to the validity of his or her will. If someone has lost a family member and they have questions for an attorney, they can call the office or visit the website to schedule a free consultation with a local wills, trusts and probate attorney.