Moving to a New City

Moving to a new city can be pretty scary, especially when it is the biggest one that you have ever lived in before. I lived in the suburbs of Pittsburgh before, but I did not have to go into the city to work or anything. When I moved to Atlanta, I knew that I would be right in the heart of the city. I wanted to look at luxury apartments for Atlanta residents because of that, because I wanted to find an apartment that would be centrally located to everything I would need.

When I saw The Pad’s location, I did some research to make sure it was in the right location. I knew that one day I might get very familiar with everything about Atlanta, but I wanted to keep everything in a tight circle until I got used to the area. I looked on a map to make sure that everything I would need was in close proximity to the Pad, and it is. I really liked the pictures that I saw, so I was happy to know that this was going to be my next home.

The fun part came in looking at all of the different floor plans. There were so many, and I had just never had that many choices before for a one bedroom apartment. I looked at every floor plan in detail, knowing that whatever apartment I decided on would be my home for at least one year, but hopefully much longer. Even though I took my time in looking at the different apartments, it really did not take me long to know which one I wanted. As soon as I made that choice, everything happened rather quickly, and I am now living here and loving every minute of it. It is actually more fun than scary now!