I Just Got Back from Vacation

I was having a really great time when it happened, there were about two dozen of us staying at this apartments for rent in Oceanside on a huge lake. We rented a bunch of jet skis and some of us had boats too. We were doing a lot of skiing and I had set out to learn how to ride a wakeboard. Several of my friends have them and a couple are rather good at it, at least relative to me. I really thought that I was getting better at it, but I was probably not ready for what I tried to do. Obviously if you have seen any of the pros do this on TV, then you know that it is possible to really get way up in the air and I was doing really good at that part of it. The part where I had trouble was coming down, under control at least. I definitely came down, but I landed flat on my back while trying to do a trick.

That hurt a lot, but I figured that it was going to heal up and the pain would go away in time. Instead it seemed to get worse, in particular I was having serious issues when I tried to get up out of the bed in the morning. I suppose that laying there made it all stiffen up. I would go and take a really hot shower and move around like an old man until it loosened up. Still it did not get better and so I figure that I really have to go find someone to fix it and that means that I need to figure out how to find a chiropractor which can be trusted not to screw it all up. In fact those guys can do real damage if they mess up.