My Outdoor Loving Brother Enjoys the Comforts of His Modern Apartment in Colton

My brother writes for a living. He is a solitary kind of guy. He is still young and is not into the club scene. He is more of a nature buff. He will take his camera and backpack and get out into wilderness areas for a couple of days at a time with just the stuff he is carrying to support him. He is super fit, and he is a friendly guy. Not a recluse or weirdo you might associate with his outdoor abilities. He was looking for apartments in Colton when he found the perfect place. He likes having the fitness facility and the pool. He also likes it that they are a pet-friendly place that allows his ultra-trained dog named Bella. She is trained in search and rescue and protection.

You would not know it to meet Bella as she just seems like a friendly dog that loves everyone. However, on command she can hunt you down by following a scent trail to rescue you if you are lost, or she can take you down on command if you attacked my brother. Bella is about 90 pounds of muscle and smarter than any dog I have ever met. She plays with the kids at the apartments and is safer to be around than your average mutt that might get temperamental over food, toys or territory. She only barks on command, so no neighbor would ever complain.

My brother’s place is so nice. The pool is the best one I have seen in an apartment complex ever. His kitchen has all brand new appliances and modern cabinetry and countertops. Nothing is old looking or worn out. This is a place made for young folks like us. It is trendy and packed with amenities. My brother admits that he likes convenience and comfort when he is at home even though him and Bella can rough it in the wilderness areas.