A Healing Place in My Apartment

My husband came home from work about a month ago and told me he wanted a divorce. He explained that he was just unhappy, and that he deserved better. I knew we had been having problems, but I never realized until that moment just how selfish he was. I told him to get his clothes and go to a motel for a few days. As soon as he left, and after a very long and good cry, I started looking at apartments in Mission Viejo. I knew that I would not be happy staying at the home we had bought nearly eight years ago.

I was angry, but I was still logical when I started looking at apartments. I did not want to settle for something just because I wanted out of the house as quickly as possible. I took my time looking at the different apartment complexes, and it did not take long before I saw that Renew at the Shops was the place where I wanted to lick my wounds before returning to the land of the living. It was easy enough to handle most everything on the website, and I was even happy to see that I could make my monthly rent payment online too.

My two best friends and my brothers helped me move out the following week. None of them suggested that I should keep the house because they all understood that I needed a complete fresh and new start. Moving to Renew is what was able to help me get through the most painful process of my life. Looking back, I am the winner in this because not only did I get rid of a very selfish person in my life, but I also live in a really luxurious apartment with some great friends living nearby.