My Girlfriend is Going to Italy

I was dating this girl for a couple of months before I ever figured out that she had money. In fact I was a little bit sore when I did figure it out. Like any other girl she seems to think that it is my job to pay for every little thing when we go out on a date. I would think the same way since we both know that she has what I want. At any rate her grandfather owns a resort in Florida now, his retirement business. He is paying for a luxury rentals for Tuscany for her summer break and she is teasing me about whether or not I get to go along with her on the trip. Of course I sort of worry about it and wonder how many of these crazy people they have in Italy. In fact I have been reading about the place and for example in Italy most of the organized crime groups are based in the southern part of the country, but most of the rich people are in this part of Italy, Tuscany I mean along with the rest of the northern provinces. So there are kidnapping gangs from the South that go up North.

I am learning about the region in my spare time and trying to get a functional ability to speak the language. She has been there before and she told me that most of the people that you would deal with, in hotels and restaurants will be able to speak English better than I do. That is not really saying too much to tell the truth, but I still want to be able to communicate basic things in case of an emergency. It is not that difficult for me really, since I think it is related to Spanish.