I Am Moving in with Janet

In fact this is a rather easy decision when you think about it, although I am not so sure that Janet and I are really ready for it. She had a roommate before, at her apartments in Northlake GA. The location is really pretty good for me, especially given how terrible the traffic makes my life right now. It is Atlanta obviously, every road in the country comes through here and most of them turn into big long parking lots at two periods of every day. That is always when I am on them. I could pretty much ride a bike to work and back if I moved in with her. We are going to move her stuff down the hall to a single bedroom unit and then when the two of us split the cost that is going to be a pretty good deal for both of us. That assumes that we are going to be able to pull it off.

At any rate this is a really nice place, and the place I am moving out of is not a really nice place. I moved in here when I was in college and nearly all of the people living here are college students. It is a decent place when the other landlord was there. He was a really laid back old guy who played a guitar on his front porch and would let me use his grill any time that I liked. We loved it when he was around in a general way. Then he retired and moved down to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. The guy who bought the place after that was a really mean drunk and since then he has decided to run me off and replace me with someone who will pay him a better rent every month.