Moving Closer to My Work

My folks own several coffee cafes. While they will never reach Starbucks status, I do believe they are more popular in our region than what Starbucks is. When they decided to open a new one right off I-75 in Brandon, they asked me if I would run it. I was thrilled that they asked me, and I commuted for the first few months. However, I knew that it was going to be in my best interest if I looked at Brandon apartments and moved a lot closer to where the coffee cafe is.

It was not bad at first, but then I had to start going in more often. I hated getting home and then having to turn back around and make the 30 minute drive just an hour or so later. I knew that was just the nature of the beast, and I had a few options. I could either hire someone to take care of the problems that would pop up, or I could move closer. Those were the top two choices, and I decided I wanted to remain in control of everything right now. That is how I ended up moving into the Overlook apartments not that long ago.

It takes me maybe five minutes to drive back to the cafe if I have to, once I do reach home. There are a lot of other benefits to living here though. There are a lot of other young professionals who live here, and I have developed a nice network with several of them. I also don’t have to drive across town anymore to get a good workout since there is a state of the art fitness center on the grounds. Life has gotten so much better for me in the last year, and I am just grateful for all the opportunities I now have.