My Pups and I Moved to a New Apartment

When my sister came back to live with us at my folks’ house, I had no idea that it was going to mean that I would be moving out. It was completely by choice, and I felt it was a necessary one too. I have two small dogs who mean the world to me. She has been around them a few times before, but not for long periods of time. When I found out she was allergic, I ended up looking at some South Charlotte apartments for rent because there was no way I was going to get rid of my dogs. They are like children to me!

My parents wanted to try and work something out, but I knew that she needed their help a lot more than I did. I was just staying there out of convenience while she came back out of necessity. There is a huge difference there, which is why I did not mind looking for an apartment in town. She felt really bad about it, but I told her that I actually came out on top because of it. I was just looking for another place to live, but I had no idea that I would find my dream place in the process.

The only requirement I had was that it must be an apartment complex that allows pets. I was moving so I did not have to give them up, so it only made sense that I would look for a pet friendly apartment complex. When I found out that CityPark has a bark park and has nice one bedroom apartments, I knew that was my next home. I was not expecting it to be as nice as it is though, so I was telling my sister the truth when I told her I came out on top with all of this.