I Chose an Expert Tree Pruner over My Husband’s Offer

I know that pruning a tree requires more than just taking a saw to some of the branches. My husband wanted to prune one of our trees that way, and it took me a bit of convincing before I finally got the okay to find a Nassau County tree pruning company. He still insisted that it was something he could handle on his own, but he decided to humor me. I don’t care how he labeled it, as long as I won that debate. I have never pruned anything in my life, but I knew that it was something that needed careful attention.

The tree I wanted to have pruned used to look really nice, but it had been growing too much. I thought it was growing too fast too, but I knew that Mother Nature would end up winning that debate. Some of the limbs were starting to cross over one another, and it just did not look very nice at all. I still wanted the tree, but I wanted it to look more like it did a couple of years ago instead of what it had grown into. I am just thankful my husband agreed that a professional could come out.

I already the tree company I wanted to use. My neighbor a few houses up had her trees pruned last year, and she gave me the contact info for the company that did the work. Her trees is really what gave me the idea to do this, because her pruned trees made her yard look so much nicer. The tree expert came out and had the job done in no time. The tree looked so much better, and even my husband told me afterwards that he was glad that it had happened this way because he never could have made it look as nice as it does now.

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