Professional Relocation of a Flock of Canada Geese

I have walked right into the middle of a large flock of wild geese. They pretty much ignored me. I was trying to get them to fly away so I could mow. They usually roost across the river in an area where there is no buildings or roads. These geese must have just been traveling through and liked our property. Mowing was an issue because I did not want to cause them any harm. I I rode around on the mower, they would move away. Days later I called Canada geese control in New Jersey to see what we could do about getting the geese to move to another area or across the river with the other geese.

It would not have been a big deal to just have them keep in front of me as I mowed in a large rectangular pattern. They would keep getting away from the lawnmower instead of just flying away to a more peaceful spot. It was kind of amusing, but they really started to leave behind quite a mess as the days went by. Everything in our yard was getting covered in goose poop. I could not let the kids or our dogs out in the fenced in yard to play because of all the excrement. They had to be relocated. I was hoping it was just a temporary layover for them as they traveled, but it turned into a long-term stay.

The birds make a lot of noise when they get startled. The honking can be very loud. It would wake me up in the middle of the night when they would collectively start sounding the alarm of a predator being nearby. It might have just been a neighbor’s housecat, but the birds are always on watch. They just needed to be safely relocated so that we could use our yard again.